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My skills and experience are in treating a whole range of anxiety problems and depression. You don’t need a name or a label for CBT to be helpful for you. It’s all about increasing your understanding of yourself and what you are thinking feeling and doing that may be part of the problem – not a diagnosis.

Having said that, CBT is the therapy with the most evidence for the treatment of a range of anxiety problems and is one of the most effective treatments for depression, although it is important to say there are other therapies for depression. NICE (National Institute for Care and Clinical Excellence) publish guidelines for the best treatment for most health conditions including for mental health problems. www.nice.org.uk You can look at the document corresponding to your problem to find out the recommended ‘best practise’

I work with adults only - 18+. I do not offer couples therapy but sometimes the success of CBT is enhanced by involving someone close to you in a session or two to help them understand how to best support your therapy journey.

Of course this is a worry, especially when it is something so personal and also when the cost may be a concern. Please contContact me through the website or give me a call as I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation which will answer any such questions you may have.

Sessions are for an hour with 50 minutes of therapy time and allowing 10 minutes for admin stuff like rebooking, paying, and ensuring you feel ok after therapy to leave the session.

The current cost is £65 for self paying clients. I am registered with a number of health insurance agencies so if you do have access to health insurance through work or your own policy, it is worth asking them whether they will fund your therapy.

Payment can be through Bank transfer (BACS) which I ask you to do before the session or Paypal again before the session. Due to therapy being on line cash or cheque payments are not available and I do not take cards at the moment.

The Bay Therapy Centre, 
21 Trent Boulevard, Lady Bay,
West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5BB

Email: contact@lesleyturnbull-cbt.co.uk
Telephone: 07579 049668

The centre is on Trent Boulevard in the Lady Bay area of West Bridgford. It is easily accessible by car from Nottingham and surrounding areas south of Nottingham. The Centre has it’s own website - www.baytherapycentre.com/

There are excellent transport links to The Bay Therapy Centre.  The number 11 bus from the City Centre stops right outside the Centre. It is a ten minute walk from Trent Bridge and a fifteen minute walk from Central Avenue in West Bridgford.

Please see my Contact Me page for a Map

Yes there are 4 spaces outside the Bay Therapy Centre for users although bear in mind there are numerous different therapies taking place there. There is free street parking around the area as it is residential.

Yes – If you would like a parking space at the centre reserving, please let me or the centre know as soon as possible and the staff will cone off a space for you. There is an access ramp to get into the building.

My usual therapy room is on the first floor but the centre keeps a downstairs room available for any of the therapists to use – You just need to let me know as soon as you can and I can book it instead of my upstairs one.

Yes I do afternoon and early evening sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are also some limited Wednesday appointments available.

If you would feel more comfortable having the support of someone else you can do so. I may suggest some time to talk with you alone, or encourage you to begin to come to sessions on your own. The exception is when we agree that it would be helpful to involve another person in your therapy.

No, I’m sorry this is not allowed – partly because therapy needs to be your time to focus on you, but also because some of the therapies taking place in the building require peace and quiet – eg hypnotherapy. The centre needs to ensure a quiet environment. Even with on line therapy, I would not proceed with a session with a child present with you.

Unless it is an emergency, I do need 24 hours + notice  to change or cancel an appointment without charge. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice incur a charge in order to cover my own costs. The charges will be in your therapy contract.

CBT can be short or long term – anything from 6 sessions to several months. It is very dependant on your needs, how long you have had the problem and to be honest, how hard you work at putting what you learn in session into practice in your day to day life! That bit is something I have no control over but I will always discuss with you how many sessions I think may be needed, based on my experience of treating similar problems over the years.

That’s fine. Therapy has to be right for you and you need to feel comfortable with me. At all times you are the person choosing. I will always be willing to discuss your reservations and doubts and help you work out if it the therapy that is not right for you or if your feelings are because therapy is challenging.

At present I am only offering On -Line video based therapy appointments as it is the safest and most practical option for us all during these times of trying to control the Covid pandemic.   Working on line makes it possible to continue therapy should you need to travel away temporarily with work or are housebound/shielding for a few weeks. I use ZOOM as it lends itself well to CBT, enabling me to show you handouts and share diagrams with you as I would in a face to face session. I am happy to use Skype or another platform if you would prefer. Covid-19 Update 20/09/20 : - I have reviewed the situation and in the light of the resumption of us all being advised to work from home where we can, on line therapy will continue until the end of the year and then further reviewed. 

No, all sessions are on line or, when appropriate, at the centre.

No, my work is with you as an individual though the context of someone’s relationships are always relevant. Sometimes in CBT it is helpful for a partner to attend a one-off session to help them understand your needs better but we would always agree this together. If you need couples counselling I would try to suggest an alternative therapist.

Yes I have a Facebook page called "Lesley Turnbull – CBT". Here are my latest posts:

This is a time to 'go back to basics' to manage the fears and feelings triggered by the Covid situation in the UK. Whether you are working from home and juggling home schooling, shielding or having to keep going as a key worker, the stress is slightly different but difficult nonetheless. So remember - control what you can, don't ruminate on what you can't, limit your diet of the news, structure and pace your day, exercise to boost your physical health, immune system and mood, be nice to yourself and others and watch out for unhelpful habits...eating, drinking more etc. www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmvNCdpHUYM ...
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2 weeks ago

2021 is going to be a long journey for all of us. The events of 2020 have shown us all how easily we lurch from peaks to troughs along the way. Some people will cope by looking ahead, planning, arranging things, 'being in control' which may work for them. Some people will get a bit stuck, bogged down in the mud and the negative feelings of a particular moment. Some people may find their feelings soaring to highs to plummenting into lows and disappointments triggered by external events. Taking time to reflect on how we have reacted, coped, responded over the past few months can help us develop better strategies and resilience moving forward. ...
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